Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surgery: Take 2

Had the d&c on Saturday. I seemed to be doing ok over the weekend.

Yesterday though, I started "feeling pregnant" again. I have been pregnant enough to recognize the signs and symptoms by now. Mine first symptom is always heart palpitations. I know, it sounds crazy, but it is my first sign.

So, yesterday I called the doctor to try to explain this to her. She thought I was a total nut job. I asked her to humor me and order another HCG quant. She reluctantly agreed after suggesting that I see my primary care doctor about the palpitations (I am sure she thought about suggesting a psych consult too). I said, "the best it is going to prove is that I am crazy, the worst it will prove is that I am right".

Sure enough, I was right. After the d&c my levels have doubled AGAIN! They called me this morning with the results and told me to head to Cleveland asap for "more testing". She gently suggested that this could be the molar cells and that chemo may be the next option.

I, of coarse, freak out. I called Hal. We drove together up to the hospital. I met with 2 doctors. They immediately repeated the ultrasound. Where they promptly discovered that my uterus has a septum and at the top is neatly divided into 2 halves. The d&c on Saturday removed the "products of conception" from the left side, but not the right. How they have not noticed this on the 100 ultrasounds I have had previously....I have no idea.

Tomorrow I get to go and have ANOTHER d&c.

I actually left the doctor's office happy and in great spirits though. I never thought I would be excited about a botched medical procedure, but it sure beats chemo!


  1. Shawn and Hal-Hang in there! What a blessing that its not chemo, but I'm really sorry you have to go through another D&C. Everything will eventually work out.
    Love-The Hanels

  2. I can imagine that is extremely frustrating, but like you said, it is better than chemo. Still praying for you. :)