Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abnormal XY +6

In a follow-up meeting with the reproductive endocrinologist last week, we got the results of the genetic analysis of the "products of conception" from the d&c.

It showed a trisomy of the 6th chromosome, which is "incompatible with life".

I am thankful that, for at least one of these miscarriages, we now have a documented reason for it. It is a bit frustrating though to throw another variable into this mess. It is also a bit hard to know the sex of the baby. That makes it seem a bit more real, not sure that is the best way to describe it.

The next step is for Hal to have a genetic karotype done. I have been fighting with the insurance companies for over a year to get them to cover this, they have finally agreed. They kept denying it saying that "recurrent pregnancy loss" cannot be a male diagnostic code. I have gone round and round with them. FINALLY, I spent about 2 hours on the phone with a lady and I googled ICD-9 codes to see which ones they would accept with that particular procedure code. It was ridiculous, but apparently the magic diagnostic words are "male infertility-otherwise unspecified". Same thing..right?? Stupid insurance companies. And why couldn't my doctor's office be more helpful? Stupid doctors. Oh well. It is being covered now.

Also, we are headed to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend to meet with a Reproductive Immunologist. She is supposedly one of the best in the country. Her name is Dr. Kwak....which makes me laugh. I am literally going to see a Kwak. Hahaha. Too perfect.