Monday, September 10, 2012

A new chapter of (what I hope is) a wonderful new book

June 13th- Interview with dream job.

June 14th-  We brought home a 6 week old German Shepherd pup, who didn't sleep all night long.  Got offered said dream job.

June 15th- BFP pregnancy test!

June 15th- later in the day.  Results from first HCG quant...24.  The nurse called to tell me it the numbers weren't were they wanted them to be and "not to get my hopes up".  As if I needed anyone to tell me that!!  I promptly called back and screamed at her.  Besides that fact that 24 is a perfectly acceptable number for someone who is as early as I was!  Geesh!

June 22nd- 1st ultrasound.  All they could see was an empty sac.  The doctor told me to "keep my fingers and toes crossed" and then he told me to come back the following week for another scan.  I said "no".  No. No. No.  I wasn't going to do this again.  The coming in every week and watching for the slow or no development only for it to be determined at 8-9 weeks that it was "viable". No.  I told him I will see you in 3 weeks.  By then we will know what is what.  I can't deal with all of these scans and appointments.

July 10th-  2nd ultrasound.  Hal went with me.  We were bracing for the news when....we saw something that looked like a baby and what looked like a flicker in the middle of it.  The doctor said 'and there's the heartbeat'!  A HEARTBEAT!  Hooray!!  Yippee!!!

September 10th-  Feeling great.  16 weeks pregnant. No complaints.  Just keeping our fingers and toes crossed and praying each night for a healthy little one.  It still doesn't seem real...I am so so thrilled that it is!!

Overdue Update

We did end up heading to Chicago and seeing Dr. Kwak-Kim...yes a specialist named Dr. perfect.  Lol.  

She took about 40 vials of blood (not an overestimate) and did a through record review and other testing.  

All-in-all...she couldn't really find any glaring reasons for the repeated losses.  She did believe that my thyroiditis was caused by an auto-immune response and felt that this could possibly be related to the early losses.  She felt that overall it was a negative auto-immune response to the pregnancy that was causing the difficulties.  She recommended following a similar protocol to the one that I was already on and then adding IVIG infusions ($3000 a shot x about 20!!!)  Or steroids.  

We put things on the back burner..ended up moving to Michigan.

I had to find all new doctors...yippee!  

I discussed the above with 2 specialists.  Neither agreed that the IVIG or steroid were a great course of action for me.  IVIG is very pricey, with no known benefits and a long-term steroid has many risks. 

The plan....stay on same course and hope for better results.