Monday, September 10, 2012

Overdue Update

We did end up heading to Chicago and seeing Dr. Kwak-Kim...yes a specialist named Dr. perfect.  Lol.  

She took about 40 vials of blood (not an overestimate) and did a through record review and other testing.  

All-in-all...she couldn't really find any glaring reasons for the repeated losses.  She did believe that my thyroiditis was caused by an auto-immune response and felt that this could possibly be related to the early losses.  She felt that overall it was a negative auto-immune response to the pregnancy that was causing the difficulties.  She recommended following a similar protocol to the one that I was already on and then adding IVIG infusions ($3000 a shot x about 20!!!)  Or steroids.  

We put things on the back burner..ended up moving to Michigan.

I had to find all new doctors...yippee!  

I discussed the above with 2 specialists.  Neither agreed that the IVIG or steroid were a great course of action for me.  IVIG is very pricey, with no known benefits and a long-term steroid has many risks. 

The plan....stay on same course and hope for better results.  

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